In light of recent events we are now offering free pick-up and drop-off service in Cleveland TN and discounted rates for surrounding areas until restrictions are removed.

Free pick-up and drop-off service in Cleveland TN comes with Standard Service. Free pick-up and drop-off times are during non-scheduled times for field techs and preferred times can be reserved for a fee. Standard Service is 5 Business days after testing is complete. Because of long shipping times at the moment if parts are needed for the service then the service is delayed until the parts arrive. Testing of items is in order of arrival and is at no charge as in Free Testing!

Express Service orders will be picked up the same day the service request is placed and the cost is being discounted due to COVID-19 restrictions. Express order will be moved in front of non-express orders and On Site Service calls that have not been previously made. Express Service orders have free testing if there is a minimum of 1 Service Hour on the order.

Rush Service orders in most cases can be scheduled at your preferred time Monday thru Friday for standard fee. Rush orders are moved in front of normal repair, express order, and non scheduled On Site Services calls. If it is not possible to start testing immediately then testing will begin on the next possible day even if that day is a weekend. Testing will be billed at 1 service hour. If no service is done or parts ordered testing and pick-up and drop-off cost still apply.

Super Rush orders will moved in front of everything except Emergency On Site Service calls and there is no pick-up and drop-off discounts. Super Rush orders will be put into testing as soon as it comes in. If it is not possible to put it into testing as soon at it comes in it will be put into testing at the earliest possible time even after hours or weekends until the order is complete. Testing will be billed at 1 service hour and service hours will be billed at 1.5X of the standard price. There will be an option to the client to have part shipping expedited at extra cost.

On Site Service calls are billed by the hour plus parts and the billing starts at the time of dispatch. Travel is part of the billable hours but at the moment there is a travel discount until government restrictions are removed.

Emergency On Site Service calls are the highest priority level and are charged at 2X the standard rate per hour. If parts are needed or outside services are needed that can be brought in or sent to the client for an extra cost.

Testing on all orders can be skipped and the testing charge skipped as well if the device(s) are already diagnosed but mis-diagnoses and other issues not addressed by diagnoses will not be covered by billed services.